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Welcome to the Women’s Cultural Collective


WCC is an Iowa women’s organization founded over 40 years ago which seeks to promote community building and to provide a safe and inclusive atmosphere for lesbians. We invite all women to attend our activities and events.

Other ways to get updated WCC information are on our Facebook page and WCC Meetup.  The best way to connect for more information is by emailing at and join our email list (which we keep private).

WCC and COVID-19  

During these challenging times of required sheltering-in-place due to the COVID-19 virus, we have been working to reach out and connect with our WCC community.  How have we been doing this?

  • Emails several times a week with community postings of reflections, photos and information on where to access possible assistance for those impacted by COVID-19.  Join our email list at for up to date WCC information.

  • Facebook updates with much of the same information as in our emails as well as posts by community members for live online concerts, news stories and much more.  If you don't already belong to the WCC FB group - please join us!

  • Community Outreach many WCC members are reaching out via phone, text, small ZOOM mtgs., delivering groceries, driving by and waving at a distance to those who are more limited in getting out.  If you would like for us to reach out please contact a member of the community or email.  We believe we do better together whether it is during a potluck picnic or during these challenging times.

  • Meet-Up we haven't posted much there lately but it is a good source of information for upcoming dates of events.  We hope to have more soon.

  • And then there is ZOOM a weekly WCC online virtual gathering.  Please see more information below.


Let's Stay Connected by joining us Zooming with us each week in our "WCC - No COVID Zone"

This is an opportunity to share what we are doing for good, and fun, and get a respite from the virus!  


We have scheduled the "WCC - No COVID Zone" to coincide with what would have been our weekly Tuesday night Eat-Out.     

All welcome and you don't have to be an  "Eat-Out" regular to participate!


Time: Every Tuesday at  06:00 PM Central Time


To obtain the Zoom meeting log-in information please email us at and we will send it to you.


For directions (to any WCC events), go to What's Happening, click on the event in the calendar, then click on map and then Directions.

For More Events

See What’s Happening

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