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WCC Monthly Event

WCC traditionally hosts an event on the fourth Saturday each month, but there are many exceptions, so check the calendar carefully.

Meetup for WCC

This is a new way for WCC members to ‘meet up’ for activities of their choosing, sometimes at the last- minute. So, if you want to go roller-skating (hopefully not through a buffalo herd), or check out a canoe class, or invite WCCers to take a walk or attend non-WCC events, this is the way to get the word out.

Each member has to sign up, and it only works if a lot of us actually DO sign up. The only personal information needed is an email or phone number, plus a public name, which is how events will be sent to you.

Every member is able to post their own event(s). The posts must include details of when, where, and any costs involved. And, of course, the event must be open to all WCCers. If you’re okay with people bringing a friend, state that, as well.

We intend this to be a safe environment for our members, so all members of this Meetup will be filtered – starting with WCC paid members first - but adding people known to members, who are lesbian-friendly and safe.  Members will be filtered by Cindy, with Nancy and Kate helping



To join:

  • Sign up for MEETUP at

  • Part of signing up is choosing whether to be notified via phone or email

  • Choose WCC Social Central Iowa as your group!!


  • It's an option for WCC members, not required, so opt in if you'd like, not if you don't like.

  • Non WCC members are filtered by Kate, Nancy, and Cindy - first to see if anyone knows them, and second if no-one knows them, an email conversation will be started. 

  • Members can post events within the Meetup parameters READ HERE: 

  • Non-members (after approval) are able to be invited to events and respond, but not create events. 

  • If someone becomes a problem (ie: stalker, etc.) they will be removed from our list. 

  • Cindy will include a summary of this on the landing page so people know it's 'a process' to join the site. 

We already have a few events posted, so hope to see you there!

You can try this link:

Retirees Lunch

Retirees & others who are free meet monthly for lunch. If you need transportation assistance, contact Chris B. at or call 515-278-2483.

Tuesday Night Eat Out

Join us for informal conversation 6:00 pm. NO reservations required.
We meet at Jason's Deli on the first Tuesday of each month.

It Takes a Village

A fairly sizable group of WCCers get together to talk about “supporting our village as we age.”

For more information, contact Lon O. at 515-201-6648.

“Intentional Living” Subgroup

Possible living spaces and thoughts to consider:

  • Accessible living space needed for those with mobility issues.

  • Multi-plex units that are one-story are ideal

  • Many properties are being divested from non-profit companies that had been subsidized by the USDA. Government is getting out of the business of subsidized living.

  • Barb says multi-plex units all come with community rooms.

  • Other considerations such as on a bus line, close to groceries; etc.

  • We could work with a management company to find available properties.

  • Carol C. mentioned a lot of duplexes are available near the Scottish Rite area. They are 2 bed-room with only 1 step but laundry is downstairs.

  • Accessible homes may need remodeling. Need things like roll in showers, etc.

  • Another option would be a large house with efficiency apartments, community room. Or, old schools that need renovation; they would have wider halls, elevators, etc.

  • It takes about 5 years to identify land, gather funding, funding resources are available through places like the Iowa Finance Authority.

  • Building new may be the most economical way to go rather than renovating an old space.

  • The group likes the idea of staying close to Des Moines for medical resources, the convenience of shopping and bus lines, etc.


Why we want this: being close to our chosen family, taking care of each other when needs arise but not just crisis management, having fun, having others around to do activities with, for community living. If you want to go for a walk, watch foot-ball together, do puzzles, card games, meal sharing, whatever, intentional living helps us from being lonely and to prevent isolation.

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